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Hiking routes are being developed in a fast pace around the Archipelago Route. Hiking in the archipelago offers special and unique experiences. Those who have been hiking in Central Europe or in the north can experience totally new environs that are always close to the sea. There are shorter nature trails and longer hiking routes to choose from. Many hikers choose to spend every night in the same cottage, guesthouse or hotel, and to have comfortable transports to and from each destination without needing to pack and unpack their luggage every day. Choose your accommodation from the long list of services offered by the Archipelago Route companies and spoil yourself with a real delicious dinner in the evening after each day's hiking. For the curious ones an archipelago hiking can offer an excellent way to get close to culture and the local lifestyle. Go hiking along the village roads and enjoy island-hopping through the archipelago areas. Without a car you can go island-hopping free of charge too!

Northern Roslagen

Hiking on Örskär – a place to fall in love with

Middle Roslagen

Hiking along the Roslagenleden route in central Roslagen
Hiking on Arholma

Southern Roslagen

Hiking along the Blå leden route
Hiking on Bogesundslandet

Åland main land

Hiking on the Åland Islands
Maritime walk in Mariehamn
Two days´hiking in Lumparland and Föglö

Åland Archipelago

Hiking on the Åland Islands
Island-hopping in the Åland archipelago

Åbo/Turku Archipelago

Hiking in Dalsbruk / Taalintehdas
Hiking in Houtskär/Houtskari
Hiking in Sattmark

Western Uusimaa

Hiking and cycling in Hangö/Hanko with environs
Hiking in Ekenäs/Tammisaari
Hiking in Hangö/Hanko
Hiking in Kyrkslätt/Kirkkonummi