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Four days of cycling covering altogether about 50 kilometres between Bergby and Öregrund. The prices include, among other things, a rent bicycle and accommodation for three nights.

Travel by bicycle, boat and bus out on the islands amidst a beautiful culture landscape in the central and northern parts of Roslagen. After a four-day tour your can return either to the place of departure at Bergby Gård, where you can leave your car, or directly back home by bus via Stockholm or Uppsala. You will see places/regions such as Bergby, Häverö, Väddö/Grisslehamn, Singö, Öregrund, parts of Gräsö and eventually also Östhammar. Meals and accommodation are arranged in different type of environs.

Places with special interest; Häverö church, Häverö prästäng meadows, café and museum Tusen Små Grisar, the 18th-century farm yard Bergby, Albert Engström's museum and studio, Fafner's Design. Art Gallery with crafts and design and a flee market on Saturdays in Grisslehamn, Svartklubben's lighthouse site, Singö farm museum, Singö church, Singö Skärgårdsslöjd archipelago crafts, Öregrund farm museum, Gräsö Green Room, Djursten lighthouse, Gräsöbadet, Gräsö farm, and the fine bathing cliffs in the middle of town centre of Öregrund with charming atmosphere. Östhammar with old solid wooden houses and genuine verdant gardens.

Starting from SEK 1995:- (c. 215,50 €) per person

The price includes

  • Accommodation; night 1 at Bergby Gård, dinner at a manor house restaurant, breakfast basket and a rent bicycle.
  • Accommodation; night 2 in a cottage on Singö with breakfast basket, boat excursion by the Sunnan Express from Singö to Öregrund.
  • Accommodation på Epokgården.

We recommend a bus connection from Öregrund to Hallstavik/Bergby. More detailed route descriptions with a map can be obtained from accommodation establishments along the way.

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