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Photo: Martin Wikström

The Archipelago Route – an outdoor recreation and tourist destination network is taking shape in the beautiful archipelago regions of Roslagen, the Åland Islands, Åbo/Turku Archipelago and Western Nyland/Uusimaa.

Kayaking, horse riding, hiking, cycling and many more outdoor activities are offered by local enterpreneurs to all visitors who want to experience first-class services and products. Here you can find exciting year-round activities available for each season, and for day-trips and longer vacations alike. In wintertime the archipelago offers long-distance skating, cross-country skiing, fishing...

All-inclusive activity packages offer outdoor recreation, comfortable accommodation, delicious food and good traffic connections. The Archipelago Route helps you to experience adventures in unique surroundings without boarders.

The sea connects the different regions of The Archipelago Route, and forms one entity. A number of inter-island ferry connections, in and between the travel destination’s different regions, makes it easy for you to discover new islands and places. The marked area on the map shows the width of The Archipelago Route.