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Hike along sign-posted trails or go island-hopping and use the village roads on the islands. All Skärgårdsleden regions offer a welcoming Scandinavian buffet filled with opportunities for all hikers, and companies are eager to serve you with all the highlights you are looking for. Ferries in and between the regions make it easy for you to travel conveniently between the best spots, and the ferries also offer opportunities to experience and see many other things between the hiking tours. Borderless experiences - let the fun begin!

Middle Roslagen

Combination package with kayaking, cycling and hiking
Hiking on the eastern point of South Sweden!

Åland main land

Hiking on southeastern Åland

Åland Archipelago

Hiking on Kökar
Three Åland archipelago islands in three days by walking or cycling

Åbo/Turku Archipelago

Archipelago hiking
Hiking and horse-riding - 2 days
Horse-riding and hiking