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The archipelago regions offer an inviting, well-stocked Scandinavian buffet of activities for all outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The local companies are ready to serve the highlights you are looking for. On a bicycle tour along The Archipelago Route you have time to discover a lot, and in the meanwhile all your senses will be filled up with great experiences along the way. You can also choose cycling along sign-posted trails, or go island-hopping by using archipelago road and ferry routes. Borderless activities in unique archipelago environs- let the fun begin!

Middle Roslagen

Accommodation and cycling on Väddö island
Combination package with kayaking, cycling and hiking
Cycling trip with accommodation at Pensionat Solgården in Grisslehamn

Åland main land

Countryside and hills
Cycling in Lumparland and Föglö for two days
Eastern Åland Tour
Eckerö Linjen's one-day cycling package in Åland 2007: SEK 165!
Picnic trip to Järsö
Southern Archipelago Route
Western Åland Tour
Åland round

Åland Archipelago

Archipelago Safari
Archipelago route
Castle and archipelago
Cycling on Kökar
Three Åland archipelago islands in three days by walking or cycling

Åbo/Turku Archipelago

Archipelago route
Cycling - Ekenäs - Pargas - Åbo
Cycling - all over Kimitoön island
Cycling in the archipelago
Cykling, Salo - Hanko
Norrskata route
Pensar route
Two days´cycling & kayaking

Western Uusimaa

Culture and war history adventure