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Our summer camps are popular! Who can resist a combination of archipelago, summer and horses?

On the camp we have 2 hours of horse-riding lessons a day and you can choose from dressage, jumping or terrain  riding with a personal horse that you look after and ride during your stay. You also take care of the horse's stable and equipment in order to get the idea of being a responsible horse-owner. All horse-riding is included and in your 'spare time' between the lessons you can go swimming, sun-bathing or playing. One evening of the week is a so-called 'activity evening' when we can choose from different activities - without horses. Another night is dedicated for saddle cleaning, and each day after the dinner we study some theory and summarise the lessons of the day, and outline the following day. During the theory lessons the riding instructor lectures about the horse's behaviour and care, diseases etc. Each camp is concluded with a contest to which the entire family is welcome!

Please call us and order our information brochure!


One-week camp

  • Camp 1
    week 24 11-16 June
    General, 300 €
  • Camp 2
    week 26 25-30 June
    Horse-jumping camp, 300 €
  • Camp 3
    week 27 2-7 July
    General, 300 €
  • Camp 4
    week 29 16-21 July
    General, 300 €

Short camps

  • Camp 5
    week 25 19-21 June
    Beginner's camp, 3 days, 2 nights. 160 €
  • Camp 6
    week 30 27-29 July
    Camps for adults, 3 days, 2 nights. 160 €

Private groups can also book for example an ordinary-priced weekend camp according to availability. The group should consist of the minimum of 4-5 participants. All arrangements are tailor-made according to your wishes. Call us or send us an e-mail us for more information!

Information and bookings
Karins Ridskola
Karin Fyrvall
+358 (0)18 51086
+358(0)457 5692 586
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You can call or send an e-mail with the name of the camp, your name and address, age, information about your horse-riding skills and special diet, if you have any. You are welcome to write a couple of lines on your wishes and objects concerning the training, and any special wishes to make it easier for us to plan the contents of your camp! E-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it .

Most of our horses are trained for horse driving and during the camp it is possible to change one horse-riding lesson to a driving lesson. During the camp for adult participants it is also possible to book additional activities, for example massage or a ceramic lesson at Eva-Maria's ceramics studio. There is an additional cost for the different activities.

In connection to the riding school there is a small-scaled farm, and the whole establishment is run by Karin's family and their summer assistant. If somebody is willing to help with the hay-making, please contact us for further information!

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