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Wars and naval battles, high society life and sailing, crofters’ cottages and manor houses – all and each one of these have left traces on Hangö/Hanko peninsula and the surrounding archipelago.Go for a cycling adventure through the verdant and versatile landscape where the sea meets the land and the history encounters the present day.

This route takes you by boat from the Eastern Harbour of Hangö/Hanko to Bromarf and to the monument raised for the memory of the battle of Gangut (Rilax). (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Gangut).

When you continue the route towards Tenala/Tenhola through the rolling cultural landscape, you pass deep sea bays and tall pine forests on your way further to the beautiful old town of Ekenäs/Tammisaari. Ekenäs/Tammisaari with its narrow streets, craft shops and restaurants offers authentic small-town atmosphere and settings.

Finally, the route takes you pass the Front Museum at Lappvik (http://www.jatkosota.fi/rintamamuseo/) and Täktom nature reserve, and then back to Hangö/Hanko, the town of the sailors.

Day 1 Arrival at Hangö/Hanko at 4 p.m.
Visit to the bicycle rental Sun Fun (www.sunfun.fi), if necessary.
Start with the charter boat from Sun Fun-center at Östra Hamnen at 5 p.m.
Arrival at the Monument for the Battle of Gangut at Bromarf at 6 p.m.
Cycling trip to Bromarf village centre, approx. 6 km. Check-in and dinner at Rusthållets Stallkrog at 7 p.m.
Accommodation at Villa Ida B&B.

Day 2 approx. at 9 a.m. breakfast at Villa Ida B&B
Departure to Ekenäs/Tammisaari.
Sights on route: Bromarf archipelago harbour with a kiosk and market sales on Saturdays. Mellangård Honung in Tenala/Tenhola – honey shop - guided bee safari can be booked for an additional fee.
Light lunch at Mellangård farm’s barn attic.
Tenala/Tenhola medieval grey-stone church.
Tenala/Tenhola homestead museum.
In Tenala/Tenhola there is a café, grocery store, bank and pharmacy.Arrival at Ekenäs/Tammisaari.Accommodation at Ormnäs campsite (cottages).
Total length approx. 35 km.

Day 3 Return to Hangö
Sights on route: Front Museum at Lappvik, Hendriksberg nature reserve, Täktom.
Picnic on a beach at the end of Ryssholmsvägen road is warmly recommended.
Täktom village and chapel
’Giant’s kettle’ in Täktom

Turn from Tvärminnevägen road down to Råvägen road, take a detour via a café & restaurant 'Fyra vindarnas hus’ and then continue cycling to Hangö/Hanko along Mannerheim and Appelgrensvägen roads where the century-old romantic holiday villas give the town its special character.

Route: Hangö/Hanko – Bromarf – Ekenäs/Tammisaari –Hangö/Hanko approx. 75 km
Length: 2½ days
Season: Summer
Grade of difficulty: Medium
Group size: Max. of 14 persons
Price: 85 – 100 €/ person

Bicycle rent and meals are not included in the price.

Information and bookings
Sun Fun
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