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On the Åland Islands you have everything within reach by bicycle
Åland is perfect for a cycling vacation, and offers great experiences for everybody. Regardless of your age, the islands are easy to discover, enjoy, and fall in love with.

Åland is small in size but filled with experiences that suit especially for everyone who wants to discover them by bike. Further, the sea is always at present. Åland’s road network is extensive and gives easy access to the entire countryside and archipelago. What’s more, the landscape is fairly flat and the distances are short!

Plan your cycling tour according to a special theme, or choose the best parts of culture, sights, nature, delicious food etc.

In the summer, the meadows and fields are verdant in full bloom. In the autumn the sea keeps the air mild and the tempo becomes more tranquil, while the spring offers a symphony of colours and scents.

If you visit and enjoy the pleasures of the islands in summertime, you can easily forget that the islands are alive year round. Discover a new side of your favourite island during another season of the year!

If you don’t want to bring along your own bike, it is easy to rent one on the Åland Islands. Some of Skärgårdsleden’s companies also offer all-inclusive cycling packages.

Combine a few days’ hiking or kayaking trip with your cycling vacation!

All Skärgårdsleden companies have a lot to offer the visitor in unique environs. Further, the Ålanders are very helpful, so please stop by and ask for some tips and advice along your journey. Here below you can find some popular tips on cycling.

For further information and tips, please visit www.visitaland.com or contact Åland Tourist Information, ph. +358 18 24000, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

Did you know that... the smallest municipality of Finland is Sottunga situated on the Åland Islands!

Mariehamn - the only town in Åland
Mariehamn, Åland’s only town, is a small capital town that offers most services characteristic of big cities.

There are regular ferry connections to Mariehamn from Åbo/Turku, Helsingfors/Helsinki, Tallin, Stockholm and Kapellskär. If you want to go cycling around Mariehamn, you can choose from many day trips of which the road to Järsö is highly recommended. Along Järsö road you get a sample of Åland archipelago, only a few kilometres from Mariehamn.

Did you know that... Mariehamn is called ‘the town of thousands of linden trees’?

Åland’s countryside – combination of old and new
In the countryside the cycling routes are sign-posted with green and white bicycle signs, and the routes follow, if possible, the roads with the least traffic. At certain places the bicycle ferries carry you from one shore to another for a small charge.

The bicycle ferries have scheduled regular traffic, and they can be booked in advance. For more detailed information, please contact Åland Tourist Information, ph. +358 (0)18 24000.

Eckerö on the western side of Åland can be reached by car ferries from Grisslehamn. To Lumparland on the eastern Åland you can catch a car ferry from Åbo/Turku, Stockholm, or you can take an inter-island ferry from Galtby. Vårdö on northern Åland has a port of arrival for ferries frequenting from Brändö and Osnäs/Vuosnainen. Whichever harbour you choose, Åland awaits you like a Scandinavian buffet. Degersand’s bathing-beach, Kastelholm Castle, Bomarsund, and the rocks of Geta bergen are just a few examples on sights to be discovered in the Åland countryside.

For tired cyclists there are camp sites, B&B’s, holiday villages, guest houses and hotels to choose from. It is always wise to book your accommodation in advance.

Did you know that... cowslip is Åland’s national flower?

Åland archipelago wishes you welcome
Åland archipelago, just taste the word... An archipelago with thousands of islands, and each with unique nature.

Åland archipelago is something unique and something to be discovered.

Archipelago ferries help you to travel from one island to another and to combine the archipelago islands together. The fantastic thing is that these ferries are free of charge for passengers travelling by bike. It's a good idea to make a ferry booking in advance by calling Ålandstrafiken, ph. +358 (0)18 25155. For timetables, visit www.alandstrafiken.aland.fi

Åland archipelago is divided into the northern archipelago (Vårdö, Kumlinge and Brändö) and to the southern archipelago (Föglö, Sottunga and Kökar). You can choose island-hopping by bike between the archipelago municipalities, or stay one or several weeks on one island. Skärgårdsleden offers you the menu to choose from.

Did you know that... you can join a seal safari on e.g. Kökar?

Last Updated ( Friday, 15 February 2008 )