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Cycling by the waterfront. By bicycle it is easy to get very close to nature. Also, Brändö is one of the few places where you can experience absolute silence. The ferry route to the easternmost Åland archipelago starts from Hummelvik on Vårdö, and takes about 2½ hours with stops at several harbours on other islands. Cyclists travel free of charge. Don’t forget to enjoy and breathe in the sea air out on the ferry deck.

Perfect to be discovered by bike
The municipality of Brändö consists of 1,200 islands and skerries in the far eastern parts of Åland archipelago, and within a 30-minute ferry crossing from the mainland of Finland. Many of the largest islands are connected to each other by bridges and road embankments, and the sea is always at present. There is a 25-kilometre road from the southern tip to the northern part of Brändö, and there are also smaller roads to be discovered. Brändö offers perfect environs for bicycle trips! When cycling in the archipelago, you will soon notice the relaxed atmosphere and total silence. Sit down on a smooth cliff, listen to the bird song and wind – without any disturbing noises.

Nature, sea and sun
In the spring and early summer, the nature is filled with bright colours. Road banks are painted with meadow flowers in all hues. Water is very clear and blue, and rich in fish. Brändö has maintained a cultural landscape with old villages, meadows and fields. There are several traditional stone walls built of grey granite stones to keep the sheep and cattle safe. On Brändö you can also find the only herd of milk sheep in Finland. Brändö’s largest islands Lappo, Åva and Jurmo can be visited by archipelago ferries, and Skärgårdsleden’s companies will do their best to make you enjoy your stay. Read more about Brändö in the travel itineraries.

It is necessary to plan the ferry legs carefully; additional details on the archipelago traffic are available from Ålandstrafiken, www.alandstrafiken.aland.fi , ph. +358 18 25155. You can tailor-make your own island-hopping route according to the ferry timetables and services available by the local Skärgårdsleden companies. And, finally; the archipelago ferries are free of charge for the cyclists.


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